Some may ask why Karate? Each individual embraces the system of Karate in their own way. In Karate there are many different sides to the system. The most obvious and "Hollywood" form is of course self defence. This also encompasses physical fitness. However, there are many hidden attributes in Karate that are over looked.

   Our form of Karate - Goju Ryu, along with the many other types of Karate does not only train us in self defence but many other hidden advantages to the student of Goju.

   Lets look at the most obvious attribute - the physical side. The stretches, and exercises we do in practicing our art increases circulation in many usually unfocused areas of the human body. Such areas are neglected in conventional training done at the gym. Areas such as the lower back and waist are used extensively. Circulation to these areas are very important.

   Confidence is another factor which is learnt in Goju. Confidence is an important part of our everyday lives. Some of us have a lot, some of us a little. This is gained through our rudiments expressions, Katas(form), and sparring(kumite). Chi or some may explain as inner spirit and strength. This Chi is part of our everday lives, from walking down the street or carrying out daily chores.

   Goju is practical and for everyone. Men, women, and children can use it everyday. Use of added strength in daily tasks to being aware of your surroundings. This can make peoples lives easier and progressive.
Hanshi Roldan